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The Final Victory by Roger Jones

A debut novel that is equal parts thrilling and inspiring, THE FINAL VICTORY is the heart-wrenching story of twenty brave men and women confronting adversity, facing death, and striving together for the ultimate triumph.

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“What is courage? In this notable debut, Roger Jones explores the strength, resilience, compassion, and willpower of a band of athletes who define courage and triumph over unspeakable odds.  These twenty men and women overcome cancer to not merely win a national championship but to survive. I laughed. I cried. I was inspired. THE FINAL VICTORY is an uplifting novel we all need to read.”

Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author.

“A bitter, hardened coach, facing his own illness and inner demons, reluctantly agrees to lead a crew of cancer survivors in their quest for a national championship in a dragon boat race. Ultimately, the race becomes a metaphor not only for the struggle to survive but also a pathway for redemption. Based on a true story, THE FINAL VICTORY is the kind of spiritually uplifting novel that you’ll want to share with everyone you know.” 

Cassandra King, award-winning author of TELL ME A STORY: My Life with Pat Conroy

An inspiring and stirring tale of courage, THE FINAL VICTORYis inspired by the true story of a group of athletes who face life-threatening illnesses and are bonded together by their indomitable will to win. Jones gives us a novel that is equal parts laugh out loud funny, moving, and uplifting. You will love it!”

Patti Henry, New York Times bestselling author of BECOMING MRS. LEWIS 

“In this excellent book, Roger Jones plumbs the depths of driven competitors in a powerful, compelling way. What does a father’s bitterness do to a talented son when cancer intrudes in ways that would smash most dreams? What does a gutty bunch of survivors do when challenged to defy their terrible pain and fear? In the end, they learn what really matters. Read this wonderful novel and you will as well.” 

Bill Curry, Author of TEN MEN YOU MEET IN A HUDDLE, winner of two Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers, former Head Coach at Georgia Tech and Alabama 

“To push oneself to the limit in sport while dealing with a life-debilitating disease defies logic. It’s the drive to win against the odds – to conquer the unconquerable – that fuels the members of this incredible dragon boat team. The story of their journey together is truly inspiring!”

Cathy Graham, Co-owner, Copperfish Books, Punta Gorda, FL

One man tells his story of surviving and living. It is the story of thousands of people. It is an example to us all. As a physician, I thank Roger Jones for sharing awareness of Neuroendocrine cancer.  As a human, I thank him for allowing me to experience the power of hope, teamwork and love."

Eric Liu, MD Internationally recognized surgeon specializing in neuroendocrine tumors.Co-Director, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers and The Neuroendocrine Institute.

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